smoked bbq

real smoke real flavour



To smoke our meat the original way, we handbuilt smokers out of 5000L gas tanks. We hand feed the fire with oak logs from Brandenburg, manually adjusting the temperature with the placement of the logs to get tender, juicy, smokey meat ready to devour.



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Schlesische Straße 19
10997 Berlin Kreuzberg
+49 30 23 92 71 57

Wednesday — Sunday
18h - 22h



Reichenberger Str. 120
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg
+49 30 99 19 56 70

Wednesday — Sunday
18h - 22h



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The Dudes and Adam met in 2015 and began planning how to combine their two dreams into one big concept. They decided to join forces and create a restaurant dedicated to celebrating the good life. A place where lovers of good food, drinks and rock'n'roll can indulge in a sumptuous range of meaty treats and exquisite liquids.



Born in Texas, Adam grew up with BBQ and wanted to be a chef from the age of 4. But as life goes, Adam studied computer science and then worked for multiple start-ups in Berlin. After 10 years of working in technology, Adam’s studies and experience allowed him the possibility to create and understand internal processes of various companies, and eventually use this information for his own business. Adam decided to do what he always wanted to do; become a Pit Boss, smoking meats for others to enjoy.


The Dudes

The Dudes started their fashion & lifestyle brand in 2010. Rooted in art, music, skateboarding, the culinary arts and tattoos, they merged all these passions into the unique brand that it is today. Teaming up with distinguished artists the likes of McBess, they're creating a Dude's world - balls to the wall, hedonistic, arty, and just a little bit smelly. After all, they've not been giving a fuck since 2010, and they have no intention of ever doing so. Rambunctiousness without quality is nothing though, and the one thing they do care about is fine craftsmanship. Dudes apparel meets the highest standards. Like Texas BBQ & aged whiskey.